What is Launtch?

Launtch was founded on ideas. An idea that if you put enough effort into anything, it can become a reality. Throughout most of my life, I’ve lived by a couple of principles, that I believe helped me become successful and start this little venture. Those who are included will embody the same energy and drive that is needed to be just begin something. It’s those people who have the drive to listen to your craziest ideas, join them and bring them to life. Whether its a business idea, product, or service… let me help you sell that product create, start, or finish that idea.

We’ve gone out of business! Fear not selling will still resume over at chrissandoli.wordpress.com very soon as I transition our pages, and this site will go away!

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What we have to offer

From selling that toy, tablet, or that baseball card that you know has value. We are able to list everything for an affordable price, and using our brand name and likeness guarantees that your item can get sold. We provide packing, shipping, and handling of your item. Whether you are selling locally or online. We are prepared to meet your needs.

Photo by Norma Mortenson on Pexels.com