Chris Sandoli

Founder of Launtch

Hey there, so I want to make this short and sweet, and give you something that you can get to know me by. I am just a guy trying to make it in this world, and experience as much of it as I can.

NYC born and NJ raised. I was an average kid in life, school, and any other aspect in life. That’s where a lot of the values that I grew up with, and now I live with. Understanding that anything in life is not given to you, and if you really want to break out you have to work for it. Most of my career professionally, academically, and athletically I attribute to a sport that I grew up, and continue to keep close; pole-vault.

Fast forward to now, yes right now. You’ll find me with to many things on my plate, from work, coaching, training, side-hustles, part-time jobs, & anything else that I can fit in.

A lot of people tell me all the time that’s too many things and focus on your “real job”. Well, what if they are all my real jobs, and I want to focus on all of them? What if you are able to manage all of them? What if you have more than one interest and the drive to get things done? Here’s what I say –go for it. Don’t look back and take that first step to just do the thing that you are scared about. I don’t want to live with that “What if?” or that “What could’ve been?

Honestly, I don’t think that a simple about me page will be enough to get the sense of who I am, or really anyone for that matter. So follow me on social media, shoot me an email, get in contact, and we can talk so you can really #gettoknowme