Buy and Sell FAQ

Commonly Asked questions

How do you know what you’re doing and how can I trust you?

Buying and selling has become a hobby of mine that has become a side hustle, that slowly turned into a real business. I have found that the most interesting part of this entire journey that I have had selling people’s items is – someone always wants to buy it.

There isn’t a better feeling than completing that sale, and getting that product sold to a potential buyer. I’m a firm believer that this is an effort based world and if you’re willing to put the time in you can grow anything into a full-fledged business. What you can rest assured is that you have nothing to lose.

There are no charges until the product is sold, and if it doesn’t sell you can decide to hold onto it, no fees & no questions asked. Aside from all of this, learning the market trends, what’s hot, what’s in season, and what will be worth something some other day is all the fun for me!