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Here at Launtch the mission is pretty simple. We want to sell high quality items at low quality prices. Period. What started with selling some of the items in my garage, followed into the house, then transitioned to online, and now we are helping sell items for others as well.

We specialize in helping our customers sell any item, across any platform completely taking the hassle of dealing with sign-ups, meetups, and other ways of accepting payments. You will see on our various online stores that we have a variety of items to be purchased.

Our criteria for items to be listed under the Launtch brand are done, through a screening process to make sure that the products work, can be shipped in a professional manner, and are taken care of. We do not sell any items without a confidence that you are getting what you paid for and the description of the item is accurate in its entirety. If the product isn’t something that we would buy ourselves then we wouldn’t be selling it.

Selling high quality items, at low quality prices..

Chris Sandoli, founder of Launtch

Sell With Us

Here at Launtch, we are also here to help others sell their stuff too. What started as a hobby to make some money turned into a full fledged service. With numerous happy customers on both side of the transaction we are here to get rid of that bicycle in the garage that you just don’t use anymore.

The digital age has brought a new wave to meet people, but that also brings the loss of privacy. We want to give that privacy back to you. If your thinking what if there was a way to sell my stuff without going through a long sign-up process, or sharing your personal information? Even worse yet, meeting up with some in person. That’s not for everyone, and that’s where we come in. We’ll help you sell your item, or take it off your hands and sell your item for you.

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